Stability, Reliability and Legislative Compliance

PANTHEON accounting users spend less time entering data, maximize work output, and make fewer data entry errors. All legislative changes and standards are automatically updated over the Internet, ensuring that accounting firms are always in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. With PANTHEON Accounting, it’s also easy for firms to branch out into consulting and financial planning and related services.


Accounting in Enterprises


Accounting Firms


In order to facilitate the start of the business process, we prepared a handbook for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business, sole proprietors and those who run small businesses.

PANTHEON Accounting Licenses and Features


monthly license rental
  • License Purchase: 1.599 € + Annual Refreshment: 335,79 €)
  • Cash register operations
  • Issuing and receiving invoices
  • E-business and online stores
  • Inventory and warehouses
  • Travel management
  • Human resources
  • Operations abroad
  • Accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Business analytics
  • Basic manufacturing
  • Fixed assets
  • Service
  • Business intelligence – Out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Business intelligence – Customized dashboards
  • Business intelligence – Analysis, reports, planning

PANTHEON Rental (hosting)

The data you enter into the PANTHEON ™ program (eg invoices, stocks, accounting, salaries, etc.) are all stored in a database that is usually on a dedicated computer, i.e. server. The server is always active, so the data is always accessible and there are appropriate security measures on the server that prevent data loss, in particular backup, physical and software protection. With PANTHEON you pay for the hosting within a monthly fee that includes the use of the program, legal updates, data archiving and server hiring.

Purchasing PANTHEON

In case you decide to purchase the program, it will be installed on your computer/server and you will have to regularly upgrade software to new versions (in order to keep up with legislative changes and new functions) and ensure that data are archived. The purchase amount shall be settled in a single installment and the program will become your property. You will be charged an annual lump sum for program updates.