About us


SOFTEH d.o.o. is a consulting and development service company that uses advanced information solutions to help organizations improve their business, especially in the field of sales, production and optimization of business processes supported by information technology, and thus create competitive advantages.

We are stationed in Slovenia but don’t let that stop you to contact us. Fluent in English, German, Croatian and Serbian we are eager to take on your challenge.

Motivated employees, a clear vision and appropriate business culture are the core of our successful company.

SOFTEH d.o.o.
Trgovska ulica 2
2310 Slovenska Bistrica

Phone: +386 (0)2 421 56 70
Fax: +386 (0)2 421 56 71
E-mail: support@softeh.com
Duty Service: +386 (0)5 934 08 49

TAX ID: SI72997842
Registration number: 3651827000
IBAN: SI56610000024357532

Mission, vision and values

Companies often face serious challenges when they want to expand their sales or want to transfer them into the information sector. With its business and information solutions, Softeh helps companies to develop and expand internationally. We implement business information solutions and develop integration for production and trading companies throughout the Adriatic region.

We design solutions tailored to business processes and challenges of each individual client. Every solution that we develop for our clients is based on the introduction of tested and professional approaches into everyday work, which reflect business processes of the company.

Softeh offers turn-key solutions. We take a snapshot of the situation and use interviews and workshops to develop and implement an optimum solution for companies, in which we take care of business process support. We provide training of users and offer comprehensive IT support.

We are a young and fast growing company. We strive to introduce novelties and develop innovative business solutions. One of the most important priorities is recruiting, developing and keeping the best employees and business partners. We respect our people and at the same time believe in open and honest communication. We act ethically and have principles; thus creating a stimulating and attractive working environment.

We believe that in the future, we will be one of the key companies for the renovation of business processes and implementation of new technological approaches in Slovenia and the Adriatic region. We are determined to follow our principles and goals to constantly be better than the competition, while at the same time preserving the ability to make quick decisions and reactions, which is especially important for the modern business environment.

In an individual and in the entire team, we are looking for hidden potentials that we help develop together. We understand that the only right way to premium results is to create an atmosphere in a company that motivates people to be innovative and creative. Therefore, we encourage our employees to talk about their ideas and to think innovatively and as entrepreneurs. At the same time, we encourage them to accept certain risks and learn as much as possible, with the goal of finding new ways to satisfy our clients.

Knowledge, ability, innovation, hard work and ingenuity that we possess enable us to be quick. Our goal is to be the first. Not only in developing new processes, but also in discovering new needs in the markets. With quick responsiveness and adaptability, we are coping with obstacles posed by different market and regulatory requirements. We are able to cope with any challenge – regardless of the volume and content of the project. With flexible solutions, we can fulfil the expectations of our partners.