Multitasking from home: family, work and school

It has already been seven weeks since we started working from home. During this time, many people have asked us, “But what do you really do if you’re not in the office?” Our answer is simple, “Anything we could do if we were in the office. And more.”

It’s been a crazy few weeks for many of us. We are still learning to live with a new reality. Our children are at home. We work from home. We use our lunch breaks in between work to help our children with their homework, play hide and seek with, or cook lunch. Emails are coming in, meetings are lining up, phones are ringing. And the days go by.

Skype and Zoom calls have proven to be a great solution for canceled live meetings. It helped us to stay connected to our customers and business partners over the internet.

Each of us has created our own little work space in the shelters of our homes. We have found out that it can be difficult to disconnect from work just as much as it can be difficult for someone to sit down and start working. This is why we have decided that our working hours have remained unchanged. When the computer shuts down and the virtual office door closes, we are done. Until the next day, when we sit down at the desk, still in our pajamas, and turn on the computer.

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