Implementation of EBA DMS in Koop Trade Company

Brežice, September 21, 2018 – We have successfully completed the  implementation of the EBA document management system at the KOOP Trade Company in September. Once the project has been planned accordingly to its scope and goals, we have started with the implementation process during summer. We are happy to say that the project has been completed on time, on budget and with high quality results.

Digital world we live in today is developing increasingly. Companies all over the world are facing amounts of electronic and paper documents on a daily basis. Processing paper documents takes a lot of effort, whether we are editing a document, inputting data, or searching for a document that has been stored for decades. In order to save time and space, KOOP trade has decided to implement the electronic system for managing documents EBA DMS.

The EBA DMS Document Management System is a comprehensive document system that includes document workflow, document retention, electronic mailbox with a list of incoming and outgoing mail, a scanning module, the possibility of using OCR technology and the possibility of exchanging legally valid electronic documents with business partners.

As a part of the project, our Softeh team has provided both, software installation, and appropriate technical support for the production itself. KOOP Trade Company will start in the production of the document system on September 24, and the last step before production was education of all users at the company’s headquarters.

We invite you to watch the presentation of the company.

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