Digital is the new reality for Business

Digital transformation of business models has become a reality for every company or organization.

We have successfully completed the integration project of the DL Pantheon ERP system with the Mighty Fields application. The project was implemented in close cooperation with Comland’s development team and the client, Optiprint.

Modern business environments and technologies are undergoing constant changes, hence fast and efficient adaptation of companies is essential to maintain their competitiveness. In practice, it turned out that the most successful modern companies are process-oriented. It is also typical for them to integrate business processes into complete solutions. The processes themselves are getting more and more closely connected. Integration is carried out with the help of information and communication technology (ICT). The choice of technology itself, however, has long been out of the forefront of decisions. The key advantage of system integration is the efficient management of new technologies for the company.

This is mainly aimed at:
• to improve services and user experience for customers,
• increasing employee productivity,
• greater functionality, ease of use for system users, and
• reduction of total costs.

What are the benefits of connect Mighty Fields with ERP Pantheon?

The Mighty Fields application enables the optimization of existing and the generation of new work processes and is especially useful for those whose field work does not allow them to easily enter documentation into the ERP system. By integrating the application with the central ERP system, we enabled Optiprint to have a direct insight into the information gathered in the field, greater business transparency and the ability to improve decision-making processes.

More and more companies are choosing to connect their central ERP system to external applications.

About Optiprint

Optiprint is a company with over 10-year-tradition and is a trusted partner to more than 3,400 companies in Slovenia and the wider Adriatic region. Their core business is renting printers and multifunction devices to businesses. They are currently present in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Their service technicians spend most of their time on field with customers. This includes hardware installations, repairs, and regular maintenance at customer locations. Their day-to-day work requires planning visits, gathering relevant information from the market and carrying out tasks on the spot, so it is important for them to be able to access up-to-date information anywhere and anytime. The integration of the Mighty Fields application and the central ERP system enabled them to pass on up-to-date information in real time to ther users.

Optiprint has digitized its processes by integrating the Mighty Fields application and Pantheon, and simplified the work for service technicians. Time-consuming data transcription has been replaced by simple data entry on site. When visiting the customer with a mobile application, the service technician scans the bar code, and the location data is transcribed into the ERP system.

What is the added value of systems integration?

• easy monitoring and recording of work orders,
• monitoring the actual working hours of employees,
• entering information about received and replaced printers,
• monitoring and providing all service interventions in the field,
• recording the consumption and the state of the amount of ink in the cartridges,
• business analytics of monitoring the most common errors and thus proactive operation.

The communication went smoothly and without complications. High level of team working and organization has been identified through each sub-process of the project. In this regard, we at SOFTEH, are very satisfied to have upgraded our knowledge and achieved above-average effects and results for the Client. The project was completed within the agreed time frame and within the planned funds.

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